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Cedar and Sea - Our Story


 Cedar & Sea | The greatest adventure

The name Cedar & Sea comes from our love for both the ocean and the mountains. In The Bible, Cedars are known for their strength, beauty, and use in building temples and large boats to explore the Mediterranean. The Sea is known for being large, formless, chaotic, and full of adventure. The only thing that can tame the sea is God himself.


Cedar & Sea is the passion project of company founder, Jared Threw.
With a love for both the coast and the mountains, Cedar & Sea is a different kind of outdoor apparel company with a strong focus on community, impact, and design.
The inspiration from the start was to create an outdoor apparel brand with strong Christian influence that inspires others to experience God through nature. Pivotal to this is the community we are building, the artists we want to collaborate with, and the stories we want to tell of people's experiences with God in and through nature.